Toronto Weather

  • humidity: 60%
  • wind: 5m/s
  • cloud cover: 6%

Next 24 hours:

Mostly cloudy starting tomorrow morning.


Next 7 days:

Mixed precipitation throughout the week, with high temperatures rising to 5°C on Wednesday.

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-11°C / -14°C
Snow (1–2 cm.) in the morning.
sunrise: 07:45 sunset: 17:14
humidity: 56% wind: 6m/s dew point: -23°C pressure: 1030mb
chance of snow: 3% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 5%
-3°C / -2°C
Snow (< 1 cm.) overnight.
sunrise: 07:44 sunset: 17:15
humidity: 74% wind: 2m/s dew point: -12°C pressure: 1033mb
chance of snow: 7% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 64%
5°C / -3°C
Mixed precipitation and windy until afternoon.
sunrise: 07:43 sunset: 17:17
humidity: 90% wind: 7m/s dew point: 0°C pressure: 1009mb
chance of rain: 81% visibility: 8km cloud cover: 99%
-1°C / -9°C
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
sunrise: 07:43 sunset: 17:18
humidity: 84% wind: 5m/s dew point: -5°C pressure: 1008mb
chance of snow: 9% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 73%
-9°C / -12°C
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
sunrise: 07:42 sunset: 17:19
humidity: 71% wind: 6m/s dew point: -13°C pressure: 1017mb
chance of snow: 20% visibility: 13km cloud cover: 89%
-7°C / -7°C
Snow (< 1 cm.) overnight.
sunrise: 07:41 sunset: 17:21
humidity: 68% wind: 4m/s dew point: -14°C pressure: 1022mb
chance of snow: 10% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 45%
-4°C / -8°C
Snow (5–12 cm.) in the morning and afternoon.
sunrise: 07:40 sunset: 17:22
humidity: 77% wind: 3m/s dew point: -9°C pressure: 1012mb
chance of snow: 37% visibility: 12km cloud cover: 84%
-5°C / -10°C
Snow (22–32 cm.) throughout the day.
sunrise: 07:39 sunset: 17:23
humidity: 79% wind: 7m/s dew point: -10°C pressure: 1006mb
chance of snow: 70% visibility: 4km cloud cover: 90%