Lake Placid Weather

Windy and Mostly Cloudy
  • humidity: 89%
  • wind: 6m/s
  • cloud cover: 72%

Next 24 hours:

Windy until tomorrow afternoon.


Next 7 days:

Mixed precipitation today through Thursday.

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-4°C / -12°C
Windy in the morning and afternoon.
sunrise: 06:37 sunset: 17:43
humidity: 84% wind: 6m/s dew point: -10°C pressure: 1003mb
chance of snow: 38% visibility: 3km cloud cover: 87%
-8°C / -15°C
Foggy throughout the day.
sunrise: 06:35 sunset: 17:45
humidity: 83% wind: 3m/s dew point: -13°C pressure: 1010mb
chance of snow: 26% visibility: 2km cloud cover: 96%
-3°C / -9°C
Foggy in the morning.
sunrise: 06:33 sunset: 17:46
humidity: 79% wind: 3m/s dew point: -13°C pressure: 1018mb
chance of snow: 10% visibility: 11km cloud cover: 65%
7°C / -3°C
Possible drizzle in the afternoon.
sunrise: 06:31 sunset: 17:47
humidity: 95% wind: 4m/s dew point: 1°C pressure: 1008mb
chance of snow: 52% visibility: 6km cloud cover: 96%
5°C / 0°C
Possible light rain in the afternoon.
sunrise: 06:30 sunset: 17:48
humidity: 87% wind: 1m/s dew point: -1°C pressure: 1008mb
chance of rain: 57% visibility: 8km cloud cover: 90%
6°C / -1°C
Possible light rain until evening.
sunrise: 06:28 sunset: 17:50
humidity: 92% wind: 2m/s dew point: 1°C pressure: 1006mb
chance of rain: 73% visibility: 4km cloud cover: 100%
5°C / -7°C
Possible light snow until evening.
sunrise: 06:26 sunset: 17:51
humidity: 96% wind: 5m/s dew point: 0°C pressure: 1003mb
chance of snow: 60% visibility: 0km cloud cover: 100%
-4°C / -7°C
Foggy until afternoon, starting again overnight.
sunrise: 06:24 sunset: 17:52
humidity: 86% wind: 4m/s dew point: -7°C pressure: 1019mb
chance of snow: 36% visibility: 7km cloud cover: 94%