Dorval Weather

Mostly Cloudy
  • humidity: 53%
  • wind: 2m/s
  • cloud cover: 83%

Next 24 hours:

Mostly cloudy until this evening.


Next 7 days:

Snow (19–28 cm.) on Thursday through next Monday, with high temperatures rising to 4°C on Sunday.

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-7°C / -20°C
Mostly cloudy until evening.
sunrise: 06:53 sunset: 17:27
humidity: 64% wind: 2m/s dew point: -17°C pressure: 1019mb
chance of snow: 9% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 75%
-11°C / -19°C
Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
sunrise: 06:51 sunset: 17:28
humidity: 71% wind: 4m/s dew point: -20°C pressure: 1034mb
chance of snow: 6% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 13%
-5°C / -8°C
Snow (2–6 cm.) overnight.
sunrise: 06:50 sunset: 17:30
humidity: 78% wind: 1m/s dew point: -15°C pressure: 1033mb
chance of snow: 11% visibility: 16km cloud cover: 61%
4°C / -10°C
Heavy snow (3–8 cm.) in the morning.
sunrise: 06:48 sunset: 17:31
humidity: 85% wind: 3m/s dew point: -3°C pressure: 1011mb
chance of snow: 56% visibility: 11km cloud cover: 93%
0°C / -9°C
Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.
sunrise: 06:46 sunset: 17:33
humidity: 80% wind: 2m/s dew point: -8°C pressure: 1026mb
visibility: 16km cloud cover: 15%
1°C / -2°C
Foggy until afternoon.
sunrise: 06:45 sunset: 17:34
humidity: 81% wind: 2m/s dew point: -6°C pressure: 1027mb
chance of snow: 31% visibility: 13km cloud cover: 86%
4°C / 1°C
Snow (3–8 cm.) in the afternoon and overnight and breezy overnight.
sunrise: 06:43 sunset: 17:35
humidity: 89% wind: 4m/s dew point: -1°C pressure: 1008mb
chance of snow: 84% visibility: 14km cloud cover: 100%
2°C / -12°C
Snow (2–6 cm.) and breezy in the morning.
sunrise: 06:41 sunset: 17:37
humidity: 80% wind: 4m/s dew point: -4°C pressure: 1006mb
chance of snow: 97% visibility: 3km cloud cover: 98%